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    Gail Sussman Miller


    It's so great to know you, to have you stop by and comment on your mother's poem. I'm glad you are gratified by your mom's reach. Isn't that what we all hope to do in our time on this Earth, to have an impact and leave a legacy of good work?

    Your mom's poem is in a Jewish prayer book! I heard this read on Labor Day 2007 at the Bar Mitzvah of a boy I have known his whole life. It inspired me on the spot... enough to write down every word of it and to try and find in on the web. I found one mention of this poem.

    How did you find it here? I am curious.

    Glad to meet you and to have this connection. This gives me a way to thank your mom for her words, through you.

    Robert Housman

    This poem was written by my mother. She passed away on December 23, 1998. I do not know where you found her poem but I am very touched that she is able to inspire people long after she is gone.

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