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    What a beautiful story. Shows that there is more than one solution to any problem and that patience has its rewards.

    Cheryl Howard

    It is a great tale, Gail, reminding us to not judge others based on our own experiences. Thank you!

    Jay O'Reilly

    Great article, Gail! Nature is our greatest teacher.


    Gail - That is awesome! Thanks for sharing!


    Hi Gail,
    This article reminds me how much I am like ducklings #1&2 and how much my husband is like the 3rd duckling. And at times, my judgement about him was the same as yours about the third one! So, this article really puts perspective into why he acts the way he does...and now I understand there is a better way than my way of 'let's push through!'. Thank you so much for sharing this story.

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