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  • Gail works with stressed women leaders and their employees, who feel depleted by their work and have lost their career joy. She helps them reimagine the way they think and work to increase resilience, wellbeing and get their joy back! You are in the right place! You've made an Inspired Choice.

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Mike Meyer

"I want to recommend Gail who I worked with early this year to help determine which direction I should take with my job search. I initially wanted help with networking, but Gail quickly sensed my suppressed desires to take a totally different direction.

As a result of Gail's skilled guidance I purchased a business in New Mexico. So far this decision has been a good one."

Kate Morrison

Gail, I too am so glad chance (serendity, higher power, who knows?) brought us together. I can't believe how much personal progress I've made - but still feel I have a long ways to go before I get closer to the same goals I set years ago. Probably the most important one I want to focus on is building a support network for Kate. And I think the others will follow much easier if I can focus on this one.

I'm reading Lisa Nichols' book, No Matter What, and am going to try her Mirror Exercise and look myself in the eye and begin to validate, love and celebrate ME, MYSELF AND I. Am also reading Marci Shimoff's book, Happy for No Reason, which also has a lot of wisdom in it. I'm going to keep reading one or the other until August 1 - that's my commitment to myself.

Enough about me. I also wanted to tell you when I open my e-mail, that the one I look for and open first is any e-mail I get from Gail Sussman-Miller. You have really made a difference in my life and today I love and celebrate you, Gail.

Thank you!

Jaqi Green

On New Years Eve, I cried myself to sleep, wondering where the next month’s mortgage was going to come from. Last night I wondered how I was going to arrange my schedule to fit all my clients in, in a timely manner.

As I lay weeping on NYE, my boyfriend reminded me, there was help available to me, and this help came in the form of a vivacious, spirited, can do anything attitude, 5’7” curly haired, powerhouse named Gail Sussman-Miller.

I had taken some workshops with Gail in the past at my synagogue, and knew that she was a life coach, but I FORGOT. All I had to do was pick up the phone and ask for help. Half Angel, half task master, she helped me formulate a plan. Gail questioned me about HOW I worked, WHO I worked with, and WHO I wanted to work with, WHAT I was willing to do to get my name out into the world, IF I was willing to network, pass out cards, verbally let people know what I do and how I do it.

Gail rocked me to my foundation about how I viewed business, and opened my eyes to all the things I could do to build my design practice. Suffice to say, Sunday night, I got home from a week in AZ, working with clients out there, and next month will travel to Michigan for a new client there. Yesterday over lunch with my client from Crete, she asked me if I’d be willing to take on a new client in Flossmore….hmmm, let me think about that… ;-)

OK, gotta run, off to have fun with paint and fabric in Roselle!
THANK YOU GAIL SUSSMAN-MILLER, for helping this gal get back on track!
Jaqi Green, Array of Elegance Interiors, Chicago

Dan Henrickson

My sense of accomplishment and joy has been developing over the past nearly 4 years since I asked Gail to help hold me accountable to myself in my relocation to Los Angeles. Though we've focused on recreating my computer consulting business in my new location, I've integrated our work in my relationship with my daughters, dating, handling partnering and conflict with others and overcoming guilt and shame.

Gail doesn’t give me stilted pep talks, or tell me what to do. Instead, I've learned how to reconnect with my loving and caring spirit, while honoring my doubts and fears, and take action, even if in small steps at first, from that place.

One metaphor we've used is hiking, one of my favorite pastimes in the beautiful hills and mountains near here. I'm enjoying the scenery along the way to inspiring vistas and feeling a sense of accomplishment in exploring a new trail, meeting a prospective client or a potential love interest. I have become so much more successful and peaceful in all parts of my life.

Thank you Gail.

Dana Shapiro

Gail is into Win-Win - - she wants clients, colleagues and her seminar attendees to equally win and that has come through in every single encounter I have had with her over the past few years now.

As a colleague she is quick to help, she has not ONCE been unresponsive to me, and she just coached me after giving me the idea at a meeting, to add more ideas and insight for my e-mail career coaching 'pilot' implementation idea. She goes the extra mile - she even offered to check what I am sending before it goes out.

The best part of all is how much HEART Gail has. Combine her heart, her ideas, her love of partnership, collaboration and disseminating information, and her overall competence level, how could you NOT be in good hands with Gail as a coach? It's impossible.

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