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Doreen Collins

I’d like to share with you my personal success in life through the coaching of Gail Sussman Miller. I met Gail at a networking meeting for the Chicago Chapter of Professional Organizers on March 10, 2005. Still in my first year of starting up my own business as a Professional Organizer, Organizing 4U, I needed direction and guidance and someone on my side. I thought I knew what I wanted, but not clear on how to start, and importantly how to fit everything in my life with balance.

After just 3 months I can honestly say without hesitation that my life has changed for the better. I have altered some of my focus, delegated with confidence, tried new challenges, and have learned to love each new obstacle and choice. My business is in a better position today and new doors are opening. I used Gail’s “How to Love Networking” techniques to position my business with a strategic alliance. She taught me the concept of “designing an alliance” which I used with great success. I controlled the meeting with a prepared agenda, specific questions, steps to take and a request for action. I felt confident, professional and well-organized. What is important is that I can replicate this same process again to create other partnerships.

I am tickled to death that I made this commitment to myself. For me, coaching allowed me to explore what I wanted and how to take baby steps to get there. I am pointed in the right direction – so look out world. I feel my own personal power and am excited to share with you this love and happiness. Originally, I wanted Gail to coach me in my business; what I got was a friend who has guided me in life and all that life gives and takes. I encourage you to contact Gail, you may be surprised at where it will take you. You can not image what greatness it will be, until you try.

Sharon Trube

Wow, I just read Jennifer's comments and she has said so eloquently what I feel. I began working with Gail last year after having some very difficult sales years. I had lost my self confidence, was experiencing some health issues and in general I was just in a very bad place. The way I was feeling was flowing in to all my relationships and it seemed like nothing was working. Gail helped me to focus on what I needed to do to get back on track and to prioritize where I needed to start. With Gail's help I have learned how to communicate more effectively with my clients and with everyone else in my life. I have learned how to set goals and actually achieve those goals by reviewing them frequently and visualizing where I wanted to be. My two primary goals were to determine what was causing my health problems and to change the things that were holding me back in sales. Today, 18 months after I met Gail, I am healthy, have had seven months of achieving more than 100% of my sales goals (and I forecast them at a 37% increase going into the year) and all of my relationships have improved. I'm a much happier person today and I don't think I would have gotten here without Gail's help. THANX GAIL!

Jennifer Silk

Today is my birthday and I am celebrating a glorious year of accomplishment and joy!

It was this time last year that I began my coaching with Gail Sussman Miller. What was on my "to do" list was a biggie: I wanted to start a women's club for professional musicians like myself. This has been a ten-year dream of mine and every list I would make would have on it "start the club". I thought it to be the most incomplete project of my life. I knew I needed help but wasn't sure to whom I could turn.

I wanted to face my fears and Gail facilitated turning on the light within me. Somewhat like when you turn the light on in a dark bedroom and the monsters under the bed turn out to be just dust bunnies! Well, I am proud to say that next Thursday will be the eighth meeting of the Women's Professional Musicians Club! I am elated! Ecstatic! Not only has my dream come true, in addition, I am listening to myself and others.

At first it was Gail that I listened to... so calm, reassuring, focused, nurturing, supportive, non-judgmental and loving. I discovered over this last year my own nurturing voice that was within me. My weekly phone calls with Gail created an environment in which I could now motivate myself and identify where I was and where I wanted to be. I had no idea that when I first started, that these sessions would include so many other tools which allowed me to further explore hidden desires or attain accomplishments waiting to happen!

As I have come to love and respect myself, I now exercise regularly, create healthy boundaries and speak assertively. Because of my increasing self-confidence, I accepted, this year, the position to chair the women's division of the chamber of commerce. With my fear of rejection now substantially diminished, I volunteered to raise money for a worthy cause.

Why would I recommend my coach, Gail Sussman Miller, to you? It is with anticipation that your dreams can become reality as they have for me.

There is just one more thing I would like to add: With birthdays, there are gifts of all shapes and sizes and worth. When Gail and I first connected the subject of the monetary investment came up and I told Gail, if I could accomplish my dream of creating a network of talented women that support each other while spreading the joy of music to the world...this one thing, it would be priceless. What I didn't realize at the time was that being coached by Gail was the priceless part!

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