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  • Gail works with stressed women leaders and their employees, who feel depleted by their work and have lost their career joy. She helps them reimagine the way they think and work to increase resilience, wellbeing and get their joy back! [Meet Gail here!] You are in the right place! You've made an Inspired Choice.

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Stop high-cost energy leaks in your company!

What would you do if you realized you were losing 5% of your or your company’s funds every day?! You would drop everything and conduct an audit to find and plug that leak, right?

Well... you and your employees do have a slow drain of resources!
And it’s costing you...
time, money, stress and success.


Watch this video and then email Gail to learn how this transformative 1-hour workshop can help your employees plug their energy leaks, budget their resources and boost mental wellbeing.

Increase Calm and Resilience in Uncertain Times


We continue to live with uncertainty, loss, and unknowns of the pandemic. You and your people are experiencing sustained stress and it is taking it's toll. 

The slow drain of energy we humans feel is from limbo loss. It's from being in between, putting events and decisions on hold, not knowing. This brings symptoms of grief; denial, anger, irritability, impatience, and exhaustion. 

What stress symptoms and costs are you and your employees experiencing? Procrastination? Mindlessly seeking out distractions and numbing yourself with TV, social media, food? 

Email Gail Sussman-Miller to schedule this transformative Zoom workshop where, in one-hour, you and your people will:

  • Identify costly drains on your energy on 4 wellbeing levels:  physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually,
  • Reduce negative impact on you and your employees' productivity, interactions and success,
  • Apply simple tools to better manage and budget available energy, and
  • Realize and use your power and choice so you feel more in control.